How YouSTUDY implemented E2 Platform to transform their e-learning experience

The first contact with E2 will always be an exploratory session. During this meeting, we will assess your business goals and challenges to determine the best solution to work alongside you. We are aware there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to education, and that’s why we invest as much time as necessary to fully understand your customer journey and the characteristics of your stakeholders.

Our partnership with YouSTUDY has been no exception to the process described above. Read along to learn more about the highlights of our experience working together.

About YouStudy

With over 30 years of operation in Cairns, YouSTUDY International College has established its brand as a quality  English language education provider in Queensland. 

The school has remained loyal to a core value; delivering quality academic courses to students, supported by qualified and passionate teachers. YouSTUDY’s mission is to support student’s personal and academic goals to change people’s lives, and they trust technological solutions to accomplish it.

According to YouSTUDY’s Chief Executive Officer, Carol Doyle, “Online learning is here to stay; it’s crucial for you and your team to embrace e-learning to remain competitive.”

YouSTUDY believes in e-learning not only as a way of encouraging self-study but also as an enabler for deeper discussions to happen in the classroom. The above is evidenced in YouSTUDY’s modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities and student-centric e-learning platform.

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic resulting in Australia closing its international borders from early 2020 to early 2022 had a huge impact on the education sector, especially for institutions catering to international students.

Switching to online delivery became necessary as a solution to continue operations during this time. Still, it quickly became evident to schools that the transition to online or blended delivery was easier said than done. Several education providers got caught unprepared for online delivery, and their adaptation process could not keep pace with the rate at which international student enrolments were dropping.

YouSTUDY quickly realised that to be successful they had to look for an ally. But finding a partner was not enough; the selected provider had to be one who could meet some quality standards. 

YouSTUDY’s CEO comments on the criteria for choosing E2 Platform

The decision criteria are explained by Carol Doyle, YouSTUDY’s Chief Executive Officer: “We chose E2 platform because they were NEAS accredited and had a proven track record of working with major industry partners. We also needed a platform that was student and teacher-centric, offering a system and processes where we could continue to provide course options for students during and post-Covid in a supportive environment.” 

The Solution

Carol Doyle explains, “We started our journey with E2 after Australia’s international borders were closed and YouSTUDY needed an online alternative to our traditional face-to-face delivery of courses to our international students.

“In the beginning, the demand for online study was slow, so we were able to test the platform by seeking real time feedback from students studying on the platform. Feedback from teachers, student support and administration was collated as part of our continuous improvement process. This feedback focused on areas including quality of learning resources, ease of access to platform and course material for students and teachers, reliability of the platform, ability to identify student progress, and teacher training opportunities.

“A main point of difference E2 Platform offers is its responsive tools to create, edit and index content. Courses can be uploaded to the platform effortlessly, which highly impacts the scalability of any curriculum.  

“Lastly, a dashboard to monitor all the activity on the platform on a macro (by course) and micro (by student) level helps not only to follow up KPI’s but also to know where there might be any issues to address.” 

E2’s support

E2 has a holistic support framework in the company, with subject matter experts in areas including the extensive delivery of English language training online and through traditional methods, both in Australia and globally. Other important areas of support include instructional design support, IT and system integration, and areas of customer success management including customer service, marketing and payment gateway integration.

“E2 is supportive, collaborative and open to listening to our ideas and feedback. This is crucial for a successful business partnership,” states Doyle.

On-going Success

E2 platform is made by educators for educators, which means its design has involved all the stakeholders in the educational process. 

As Carol Doyle sums up, “It made sense to partner with E2 as they have a proven success record over many years in providing e-learning solutions to students and other business partners, demonstrating significant growth and industry acceptance. We look forward with confidence to the launch of our YouSTUDY English Online programs as they are supported by E2’s learning platform, learning resources and customer success services.”

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