Watch our webinar to learn from the experience of one of our partners in Brazil and a member of our student support team with E2 Platform. 

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About this event

Both face-to-face and online learning tools have become essential for students worldwide in the post-pandemic world. E2 Platform delivers effective tools to educators, administrators and students to embrace blended learning and ultimately accomplish sustainable growth within the industry.

Watch our webinar and learn the success story of the Brazilian institute FATEC with E2 Platform and useful tips from our student support team on:

About the speakers

Dr Anna China

PhD in Applied Linguistics
Tenured Professor of English and academic writing 
Foreign Language Department Coordinator at FATEC 

Dr Anna China was born in a multicultural family speaking three languages – English, French and Portuguese. Her passion for teaching English as a foreign language began 30 years ago when she started teaching English to immigrants and refugees in her hometown, Montreal.

Dr. Anna has a wealth of experience as an ESL teacher, and managed the UTS Testing Centre for 11 years. She holds a Master of Arts and a PhD in Applied Linguistics and now as the foreign language department coordinator at FATEC.

Maju Abrahao
Student Support Officer  – E2 

Maju is based in São Paulo, Brazil. She started learning English at the age of 9 and loves to travel and learn new languages. Maju is the Support team member who has been with E2 the longest. Her defining trait is her communication skill to empathise with students and help them sort out any issues they might have with the platform and their learning process.

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World class test preparation, ready to use!

Diagnostic Tests

Help your students identify where they stand in their test preparation and English proficiency with our pre-loaded diagnostic tests.

Your students will get useful feedback and will be able to identify the sections of the test they need to reinforce.

Lesson Plans

Use our purpose-built lesson plans that accompany the student’s test preparation course to instantly teach the different skills required in the test. These plans have been designed to simplify the teacher’s job – using the click ’n’ play content even inexperienced teachers can teach specific test skills. 

Self Study Courses

The student courses contain high quality lessons, methods, practice questions and mock tests that students can work through in their own time at their own pace. These materials are divided into all the essential skills required to achieve the desired score in their test.

Mock Tests

Our Mock Tests are the best way for students to practise in test-like conditions in order to  boost confidence and improve their score. Your students will get personalised feedback with every Mock Test they complete, including feedback from their teacher.

Developed with official test providers such as ETS and OET, our Mock Tests are tried and trusted. 

Live Classes

Our platform provides all the tools required for setting up your own Live Classes with your teachers or for your students to simply join our E2 classes led by expert teachers. 


Delivered across multiple time zones, there will be a Live Class available to suit your students’ schedules. Check with us for the latest timetable.

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