NEAS quality assurance + E2 present Prof. Jill Hadfield, author & teacher trainer

Online learning has expanded learning opportunities to virtually anyone with an internet connection, but how do we ensure the individual learner is still at the heart of the class? With the accelerated adoption of online learning, understanding how to engage the individual online learner and manage the classroom has never been more critical. During this […]

ISP + E2 OET discovery session for Doctors aspiring to a medical residency in the US

Our partner International Study Programs, an award-winning education agent located in Ecuador hosted a webinar for medicine students interested in having an international experience in the US and other English speaking countries. We delivered a comprehensive info session about the OET test and how our test preparation content is not only highly valuable for passing […]

USP + E2 TOEFL test preparation webinar for college athletes in LATAM

We had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with our partner University Study Programs – USP on a webinar about TOEFL test preparation for their students in LATAM wanting to access higher education in North America. The session was entirely held in Spanish, so it was also accessible to the candidates’ families. USP is a premium US university placement agent […]

E2 Talks episode #28 “Creating a modern language literacy environment” w/ Margaret Corrigan (Carringbush Education and president of Vic TESOL) and E2 expert teacher David Williamson

Play & read along the full episode of our podcast Hello, and welcome to E2 Talks. In this episode, E2 Expert Teacher David chats with Margaret  Corrigan, CEO of Carringbush Adult Education and President of Vic TESOL. Carringbush Adult Education is a non for profit registered training organisation (RTO) and has delivered educational and community […]

E2 Talks Episode #27 “The importance of acknowledging the online learner” w/ Allen Davenport (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) & E2 Expert Teacher David

Play & read along the full episode of our podcast Hello, and welcome to E2 Talks. In this episode, E2 Expert Teacher David chats with Allen Davenport, Professional Learning and Development Manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment. David and Allen discuss a range of topics ranging from “what is an online learner?”, plurilingualism and […]

How YouSTUDY implemented E2 Platform to transform their e-learning experience

The first contact with E2 will always be an exploratory session. During this meeting, we will assess your business goals and challenges to determine the best solution to work alongside you. We are aware there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to education, and that’s why we invest as much time as necessary to fully understand your […]