E2 Talks Episode #27 “The importance of acknowledging the online learner” w/ Allen Davenport (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) & E2 Expert Teacher David

Play & read along the full episode Hello, and welcome to E2 Talks. In this episode, E2 Expert Teacher David chats with Allen Davenport, Professional Learning and Development Manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment. David and Allen discuss a range of topics ranging from “what is an online learner?”, plurilingualism and the interactions of […]

How YouSTUDY implemented E2 Platform to transform their e-learning experience

The first contact with E2 will always be an exploratory session. During this meeting, we will assess your business goals and challenges to determine the best solution to work alongside you. We are aware there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to education, and that’s why we invest as much time as necessary to fully understand your […]