Test Preparation Courses

Equip your test takers for success with our interactive, online Test Preparation Courses. This course content comes standard with any E2 Platform subscription and offers coverage of all the leading English Proficiency Tests.

All our material is original, updated regularly, and created by experts using the same criteria as our award-winning platform E2 Test Prep.


What sets our learning apart?

Our Test Prep courses do not only offer high-quality learning content, but also tools that help students identify and focus on any areas that require extra attention. This way, they get maximum value from the learning experience, and they’re better equipped to take their tests.

E2’s content covers all the leading English Proficiency Tests around the globe, including IELTS, OET, PTE Academic, TOEFL, TOEIC and CELPIP.

“We chose E2 platform because they were NEAS accredited and had a proven track record of working with major industry partners. We also needed a platform that was student and teacher-centric, offering a system and processes where we could continue to provide course options for students during and post-Covid in a supportive environment.”

World class test preparation, ready to use!

Diagnostic Tests

Help your students identify where they stand in their test preparation and English proficiency with our pre-loaded diagnostic tests.

Your students will get useful feedback and will be able to identify the sections of the test they need to reinforce.

Lesson Plans

Use our purpose-built lesson plans that accompany the student’s test preparation course to instantly teach the different skills required in the test. These plans have been designed to simplify the teacher’s job – using the click ’n’ play content even inexperienced teachers can teach specific test skills. 

Self Study Courses

The student courses contain high quality lessons, methods, practice questions and mock tests that students can work through in their own time at their own pace. These materials are divided into all the essential skills required to achieve the desired score in their test.

Mock Tests

Our Mock Tests are the best way for students to practise in test-like conditions in order to  boost confidence and improve their score. Your students will get personalised feedback with every Mock Test they complete, including feedback from their teacher.

Developed with official test providers such as ETS and OET, our Mock Tests are tried and trusted. 

Live Classes

Our platform provides all the tools required for setting up your own Live Classes with your teachers or for your students to simply join our E2 classes led by expert teachers. 


Delivered across multiple time zones, there will be a Live Class available to suit your students’ schedules. Check with us for the latest timetable.


Bring it online with E2 Platform

If you have your own course content, our team can convert it into a digital format for you and help you bring it online onto E2 Platform. Your content will be hosted on your account, giving you complete control. Make changes anytime!


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